+ Cultural Institution Services

The development and delivery of site specific audience engagement and visitor experience solutions for museums, zoos, tourism organisations, AGOs and NGOs.

Creative consulting for education and public programs.

Specialised training workshops for all staff communicating face to face with visitors, including volunteers.

Our workshops help teams develop clear narratives and build the necessary skills to fully engage visitors in richer, deeper more meaningful exchanges. The workshops are designed to inspire staff by promoting positive leadership and team cohesion.

  1. Strengthen your team's current professional speaking and live interpretation skills.
  2. Develop clear and strong narratives for your organisation and teams.
  3. Learn site-specific techniques for the delivery of live interpretation.
  4. Professional skills based workshops and short courses to improve your visitor experience outcomes.
  5. Improve your retail presence with stronger visitor connections.
*Tour Guides  *Hosts & Volunteers  *Interpretation Teams  *Education & Public Programs  *Retail  *Visitor & Customer Service  *Membership  *Curatorial & Exhibition Teams

+ Corporate and Retail Services


"Beyond PowerPoints and lecture based styles of learning, our Ignition Workshop will have you up out of your seat experiencing and applying your new knowledge"



In brief, our specialised workshops will assist you in meeting your strategic objectives by promoting a stronger team with improved service delivery. The result of our motivating Ignition Workshop is higher levels of productivity, team integration and employee satisfaction. Ignition Workshops facilitate positive understanding of change and guide your team culture to one of innovative problem solving and creative thinking. Teams that learn to apply a practical understanding of cognitive and emotional intelligence become a powerful and innovative force in the workplace. If you want a workshop that develops a productive team with a strong working culture then our Ignition Workshop is for you.