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+ Services

NDS Productions is a company dedicated to providing skills based training, professional development and live performances for cultural institutions, conservation organisations, zoos, parks and cultural festivals. NDS Productions is recognised as a leader in the field of live thematic and cultural interpretation using applied improvisation, theatre and interactive performance to engage audiences.

Nigel delivers specialised training workshops for all visitor contact staff in Museums including volunteers. His workshops help teams develop clear narratives and build the necessary skills to fully engage museum visitors in richer, deeper more meaningful exchanges. The workshops are designed to help staff engage more fully with their institution's strategic plans and to develop a strong, clear purpose in their roles within the institution.

We offer creative solutions and professional development in the following areas:

  • Creative consulting and performance development for public programs, tours and education programs.
  • Museum Theatre - facilitation, creation and delivery.
  • Master Classes in applied improvisation for effective communication and creative thinking.
  • Skills training and professional development:
  1. Strengthen your team's current professional speaking and guiding skills.
  2. Develop clear and strong narratives for your organisation and teams.
  3. Explore site-specific techniques for the delivery of live interpretation.
  4. Professional skills based workshops to improve your visitor experience outcomes.
  • Tour guides
  • Hosts & volunteers
  • Interpretation staff
  • Education and public program staff
  • Retail Staff
  • Front of house
  • All visitor contact personnel
  • Customer service
  • Membership

+ Corporate Services

For more information on corporate services please see the link below.