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+ Welcome

NDS are visitor, customer and audience engagement specialists. We provide unique and successful audience engagement solutions for organisations across the globe.

We transform your messages, themes and narratives into meaningful and engaging experiences for your target audience.

Discover how Narrative Intersections help to engage visitors and keep them connected.

We take your audience from captured to connected with our award winning programs, supported by excellent training for your delivery teams.

We create and develop entire concepts from start to finish or simply facilitate creative workshops to help you devise new engagement programs.

We also review and refresh existing tours, talks and programs.

Inspiring and re-energising your team is part of our process.

We believe that all face to face communications can engage and inspire, create personal connections, and facilitate deeper conversation.


+ Enjoyable Learning &  Skills Development

We are experts at integrating professional presenting skills and applied improvisation techniques with face to face communication training for everyone in your organisation communicating with visitors, customers, and audiences.

We understand that how we learn is as important as what we learn.

We offer short courses, group workshops and individual coaching.