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NDS Productions have developed long term partnerships with many leading cultural institutions, museums, zoos and corporations over the past twenty five years. During this time we have collaborated with stakeholders creating innovative, intelligent and entertaining audience engagement solutions for a wide variety of targeted audiences. We have successfully reviewed and refreshed live interpretation programs across a broad range of platforms. We have developed and facilitated site-specific skills workshops in live interpretation and audience engagement. We have consulted on award winning audience experience projects.


Listed below is a selection of projects and workshops to give an overview of our work.

Training and Development for Public Programs, Education and Visitor Services Teams.

Development of Live Interpretation Planning for four sites: Bin Jelmood House, Company House, Mohammed Bin Jassim House, Radwani House. - Msheireb Museums, Doha Qatar.


Teaching Short Courses in Museum Visitor Engagement & Live Interpretation, University College London, Doha, Qatar.

Delivering several short courses for Museum Professsionals.



Public Program Review and Training - Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

Reviewing and refreshing public programs.

Reviewing and refreshing the Live Seal Presentation at Seal Theatre.

Training Leadership Staff in Live Interpretation Methodologies.


Developing the Visitor Experience: creative workshops with practical application.

Participants from cultural institutions, local councils, libraries and historic societies came from around NSW to participate in this workshop developed and facilitated by Nigel at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

The Great Aussie Inventions Quiz Show, School Holiday Program

Development of a new interactive family program with the Family and Community Experiences team for the school holiday program.


Professional  Development Workshops & Special Projects  - National Museum of Australia

Facilitation of focus groups for redevelopment of childrens gallery K-Space

Professional Development Workshops for Vistor Services.

Creative Development of award winning tour Peninsula Tales.




Creative Consulting for Public Program Development- Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC, Canada.

Consultant for Public Program Development.

Wild Sea Presentations  - Melbourne Zoo

Partnering with the Wild Sea team at Melbourne Zoo on the redevelopment of their seal presentations. The Wild Sea team includes Zookeepers and Zoo Presenters who have worked in partnership with NDS Productions to develop new and refreshed public presentations. It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team of professionals and spend time with the rescued Seals at Wild Sea Melbourne Zoo.





Keynote Address - International Museum Theatre Alliance Conference , Melbourne 2011

Nigel delivered a Keynote address at the National Gallery of Victoria for the IMTAL 7th biennial international conference hosted by the International Museum Theatre Alliance - Asia Pacific.

Keynote Address - Museums Australia National Conference, Adelaide 2012

On behalf of IMTAL Asia Pacific Nigel was one of three keynote presenters, including Dr Catherine Hughes and Michael Mills, delivering a keynote address on the topic of Museum Theatre Practice .



Professional  Development Workshops - Museum of New Zealand TePapa Tongarewa

Delivering professional development workshops for all staff involved in visitor contact, focusing on cultural change and creative development of live interpretation.

Engaged by Te Papa Commercial Marketing Department as creative consultants to help develop a  new Mascot live show to be launched at the museum.


Professional  Development Workshops - Werribee Open Range Zoo

Delivering professional development workshops for Safari Tour Guides at Werribee Open Range Zoo, focusing on future change and creative development of live interpretation.



Professional  Development Workshops & Public Programs  - National Museum of Australia

Professional development workshops for all visitor experience hosts, focusing on creative development of live interpretation and presenting skills.

Specialised workshops on cultural identity and indigenous interpretation.

Specialised workshops on live interpretation for children, focusing on skills development and narrative.

Individual professional development and live interpretation skills coaching for new visitor experience team members.

Development and delivery of Public Programs & Outreach Programs.

Education, Interpretation and Visitor Experience Specialist Advisory Group - Conference

Skills based professional development workshop focused on interpretation in education for Zoos and Aquariums. The workshop was held as part of a two day conference hosted by Taronga Zoo as part of the Zoo and Aquarium Association -Education, Interpretation and Visitor Experience Specialist Advisory Group.



Training and Professional Development  -  Australian Museum

Workshop focused on professional skills development for the team responsible for the development and delivery of the under fives program at the Australia Museum.

Workshop on interpretation and tour development for the team involved in implementing a new 'behind the scenes" tour at the Museum.

A practice-based training workshop to help redevelop one of the Museum’s current public programs:  Winny Saur, the Australian Museum's Muttaburrasaurus puppet. Staff applied new skills and approaches to the narrative structure of the show.

Live Interpretation training for all Visitor Services and Volunteer Teams.


Masters Series  - Interpretation Australia (NSW &Victoria)

Presenting workshops as part of the Interpretation Australia Masters Series. The events take place over a full day with leading experts from different disciplines in the Arts sharing the processes they use when delivering professional presentations.

Dora Fay Davenport Show ©NDS Productions Pty Ltd 2011The Dora Fay Davenport Show – How To Achieve Domestic Bliss

The show is a 60 minute live performance, designed as a piece of reminiscence theatre to evoke memories of 1950's Australia, with seniors as the target audience. It encourages discussion between performers and audience about the past and how it has influenced the present. An hilarious and heart warming show for everyone who can remember the fifties and all those who wish they were there. This production was originally developed for the National Museum of Australia and has toured Sydney and regional NSW as well as Canberra to sell out audiences.

The K-Way Sow- NIgel Sutton as Krispin K ©NDS Productions Pty Ltd 2011

The K-Way Show – Design Doing Good

Krispin K is a character originally developed by NDS Productions in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum for the Sydney Design Festival. For seven years Krispin K, international trend forecaster and design expert, led thousands of visitors on special tours through the Powerhouse Museum during the Sydney Design Festival. Combining solid research with great humour Krispin K managed to entertain, connect and engage visitors with the content and themes of each design festival.

In 2008 Krispin performed a one man multi media show called "The K-Way Show - Design Doing Good" as a highlight for the festival program. The K-Way Show explored new trends in design which could enrich and change humanity, design with a responsibility to do good. The show was developed by NDS Productions in partnership with multi media company PROJEKTA and the Powerhouse Museum.

Robbie The rat -Played by Nigel Sutton  ©NDS Productions Pty Ltd 2011

Robbie The Rat - National Museum of Australia

Robbie The Rat is a character originally developed by NDS Productions in partnership with the National Museum of Australia in Canberra. Robbie was created to interpret early Australian convict history and European settlement in Australia. Robbie appealed to both children and adults giving a unique voice and new insights into the major themes presented in the Museums permanent galleries. With an emphasis on communicating themes and facilitating discussion in young children the program was very successful and continued for several years. Robbie was used to engage visitors in permanent and temporary exhibitions at the National Museum of Australia, Floriade Flower Festival in Canberra and The Powerhouse  Discovery Centre in Castle Hill Sydney.

Seal Bay Conservation Park- Kangaroo Island SA, ©NDS Productions Pty Ltd 2011Training and Project Development  – Kangaroo Island South Australia

Delivered interpretation training, workshops and project development for The Department for Environment and Natural Resources on Kangaroo Island South Australia.

Project development for Seal Bay Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island included facilitating the redevelopment of all live interpretation tour products, implementing site specific skills training, building new tour products for existing commercial and non commercial tour operators.

Delivering interpretation training and skills workshops for existing teams and all new team members across all sites on the island including: Seal Bay Conservation Park, Cape Borda Lighthouse, Cape Willoughby Lighthouse, Flinders Chase National Park, Kelly Hill Caves and Conservation Park.

Workshops and Project Development- Zoos Victoria

NDS Productions ran a practice based workshop for Melbourne Zoo staff on narrative and face to face interpretation.

We were also engaged as creative consultants on a new project development for the Visitor Experience Team

Getting Away With Murder - Matt Foster and Nigel Sutton , ©NDS Productions Pty Ltd 2011

Getting Away with Murder - Sydney Observatory

Getting Away with Murder was an interactive show written and developed by NDS Productions for the Sydney Observatory. This historical whodunit was based on the actual attempt on the life of Government Astronomer Henry Chamberlain Russell in 1877. Who wanted him out of the way and why?  Audiences were taken on a journey into the past meeting the characters and suspects involved. Audience members became key witnesses to events and helped decide how the mystery unfolded.



Training and Professional Development  –  Zoos Victoria

Re- development of corporate team building program.

Specialised workshops on interpretation training for retail staff.

Specialised workshops for the Zoos Victoria Members promotions staff.

A narrative master class for the CEO and Executive Team of Zoos Victoria.

A one-day skills based workshop for professional development in interpretation and education. The workshop was created for the Learning Program and Education Teams at Zoos Victoria.

The Ultimate 80's Quiz Show - Powerhouse Museum

The Ultimate 80’s Quiz Show was created and developed by NDS Productions for the Powerhouse Museum as a public program. The live show connected visitors to the exhibition “The 80’s Are Back”. The retro style quiz show had all the elements of a TV game or quiz show from the 1980’s with all reference material coming from the exhibition. Audiences both young and old were given a glimpse of the giant shoulder-padded world that was the 1980’s.


zoe and Cogs Show www.ndsproductions.com.au Copyright 2009

The Zoe and Cogs Show - Powerhouse Museum

The Zoe and Cogs Show was created and developed by NDS Productions in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum. The show brief was to bring to life the very popular Powerhouse Museum Mascots Zoe and Cogs. The production was aimed at under eights and was performed twice a day for a school holiday program.The show was very successful and was repeated for a second holiday program and also extended performances for the Sydney Writers Festival.

Performers:  Zoe played by Lisa Rickets and Amanda Buckley, Cogs played by Lee Naimo

Written and directed by Nigel Sutton. Puppets created by Kassandra Bossell. Origional songs written by Nigel Sutton, Vocals by Nigel Sutton & Jennifer Vuletic. Music by Nick Wishart.


Nigel Sutton as Captain Curious2 www.ndsproductions.com.au Copyright 2011.jpg

Captain Curious - National Museum of Australia

Captain Curious was created and developed by NDS Productions in partnership with the National Museum of Australia.Captain Curious was a  super hero for conservators and would take visitors on an interpretive tour through the exhibition CAPTIVATING AND CURIOUS. Captain Curious would reveal the methods and technologies used in preservation and conservation of objects in the collection and tell "behind the scenes" stories. The character was very popular with all age groups and his catch cry "To Preserve and Conserve Forever" could be heard echoing through the Museum.