18th,19th, 20th & 25th, 26th, 27th Feburary 2016

6.30pm All ticket $23 inc booking fee

Melbourne Street Laundromat, 80 Melbourne Street North Adelaide

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"If it comes to a venue near you, dress to impress and see it"

-SOYP The People's Theatre Adviser

"Krispin, played by the talented Nigel Sutton , is an expert in engaging the audience and has

everyone laughing from the moment we take our seats"

-Bonnie Baguley, Anywhere Theatre Festival


Krispin K is an outrageous fashionista running a special Laundromat called The Full Load. Krispin has no time for a boyfriend or a life outside The Full Load. Krispin loves his work, he rescues designer clothes from the bottom of laundry baskets, styles his customers along with their washing and matches people like socks, best of all, he loves to put on his customers clothes and imagine their lives.

Strange and wonderful things happen at The Full Load, but a dark shadow looms inside one of the dryers, things are not quite what they seem…

"Loved the show!.... so funny and I loved the audience interaction"

- Leo Stubbing JOY 94.9

The Full Load is a wild ride through the tumbled and often outrageous world of Krispin K and his Laundromat. Krispin asks his audience the big questions; what do our clothes reveal about us? what stories lay hidden in the fabrics? and why oh why do we trust strangers with our dirty underwear? Krispin is very fussy about who he will accept as a customer; do you have what it takes to have your washing done at The Full Load? Come and join Krispin as he styles the audience and stitches together a story you will never forget.

Written and performed by Nigel Sutton a master storyteller and skilled improviser who likes his audiences to be part of the experience. Debut production for Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2011 was directed by Roslyn Oades writer and director of Fast Cars & Tractor Engines,  Stories of Love & Hate, I'm Your Man.


- Melbourne Fringe Festival 2011

This performance is very funny, interactive and delightfully surprising. Origionally performed in a Laundromat in Altona as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2011 to sell out shows. With hit seasons at the Butterfly Club as part of Midsumma Festival 2014 and Reverse Garbage as part of Brisbane Anywhere Theatre Festival 2014.

"The Full Load promises to change your view of the humble Laundromat forever" -Nigel Sutton


Nigel Sutton in The full Load- Anywhere Theatre Festival The Full Load- Anywhere Theatre FestivalNigel Sutton in The full Load- Anywhere Theatre Festival